Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Homemade Ice Cream

I'm always looking for something fun to do with the kiddos. And if your kids are anything like mine, they LOVE ice cream. So when I came across this fun way to have the kids make their own ice cream, I knew we'd have to give it a try!

 It was a pretty fast and simple treat, that kept their interest the whole time.

You'll need: 

• 1 large Ziploc bag
• 1 small Ziploc bag
• 1 tablespoon sugar
• 1/2 cup cream
• 1/4 teaspoon vanilla
• 6 tablespoons rock salt (regular salt is OK if you can't find rock salt)
• Ice
Fill the large Ziploc bag halfway with ice and rock salt. In the small Ziploc bag, mix cream, sugar and vanilla. Place the small sealed bag into the larger bag and shake for 15 minutes. When finished, add toppings like cookie crumbs or M&Ms!

Needless to say, it was a big hit!  
Hope your munchkins will enjoy as much as we did!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FREE Cupcakes!

IT'S HERE!!!! Your chance to win FREE cupcakes!!!! It's simple, all you have to do is visit our Facebook page and "like" us. For an additional entry, share our page and giveaway with all your friends on your own page and subscribe to our blog. And WAA-LAAA you've just received 3 entries!

Sooooooooooooo what are you waiting for? GET GOING!!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


What fun these cupcakes were to make!  Traditional swirl cupcakes with a buttercream frosting for the bingo lover!  Everything on these cupcakes are edible!

The entire time I was making these, I thought about Mammaw {my hubbys grandma}.  She is a hardcore bingo player.  Seriously, I think she plays all 7 days of the week!  I have to admit, I've never played bingo,  besides the small games we played in school. I've never gone to a real bingo hall with tons of people jammed into a smokey room hoping to be able to yell B-I-N-G-O!  Nope never have.  So I'm adding to my "bucket list" "play bingo with Mammaw" and I can't wait!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

iCupcakes? I think I will!

I. LOVE. BAKING!  There is no other way around itt.  I like to cook but baking seems to be my thing.  It's fun to try new flavors and create cute designs.  It's relaxing for me.  Despite ending up with flour's still relaxing. I love baking cupcakes...not your normal chocolate and vanilla cupcakes either!  I'm talking Chocolate w/ Caramel Icing (secret family recipe), Banana Split, Peanut Butter & Jelly and French Toast....oh yeah the good stuff!  And of course we can't forget all the cute creatures I've made and sent to daycare.

I desperately want to open a Cupcake Shop.  However, my lack of funds keeps pulling me back to reality!  So my hubby suggested I start baking at home for people.  NO NO NO!  I want my own shop!  But then I remember one {minor} little detail...NO MONEY!   So my wheels started turning and I've decided to run with it!  I'm starting my very open Cupcake iShoppe!!!  {Is there such a term as iShoppe besides on iCarly?}

Option #3 on Logo Designs {Still undecided} 
I'm so excited!!!!!  I've been up late every night working on creating a logo, marketing materials, getting supplies ordered {100 pink boxes on their way} and preparing my plan of action and the best part....trying out different recipes almost daily! {I'm thinking at this rate I better join WW again soon!}

So if you or anyone you know is interested, please send them my way!  Make sure you check me out on Facebook where you can find all the yummy stuff I've been working on!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Every little girl needs a PINK kitchen!

Even though my daughter is only 15 months old, I insisted on making a play kitchen for Christmas.  Ok, so now let's fess up....everyone was right, she hardly plays with it and she probably doesn't even know what it is!  However, I must add the boys love it {which just thrills the hubby}!

Those little plastic kitchen are like $50 and small.  So in my typical DIY fashion, I decided to make one! to find an entertainment center!  Luckily I found one at the Salvation Army for $9!!!!  Yes $9!

Bargain of the day!

After getting it home I had a hard time tearing it apart.  It would have worked perfectly in the playroom.  It ended up sitting in our garage for over a month waiting on me to decide what I wanted to do with it!   It was too nice to destroy but I did....  I found a display faucet at Menards for $15.  It was a little more than I wanted to spend but it was oh so cute and would work perfectly!

Sanded and ready to paint!

Now.....let's get to work.   Since I waited so long to get started on the project, we had to move it to my parents garage that's heated.  At this point, I totally lost control and the project became mom and dad's!!!  Dad made the cabinet doors, oven door and mom did all the painting.  For those of you who know them, you simple project just turned into an over the top one.  I later found out that my father spent 4 hours {ummm yeah} custom making all the handles! 

Let's get to cookin'!
They decided it needed a microwave so I designed custom numbers. The "burners" were made out of CD's painted black.  We had some old stove knobs at work that I got for $1.  The fridge even has a light that automatically comes on when the door opens! The curtains are made of different layered material....the middle being cupcakes! {Of Course}  The "window" is going to have a different picture once I find one I like, for now it's "Merry Christmas Kinley~from Santa" My mom did all the painting, which is a light pink.  After stocking it with pots and pans and accessories, we have a total of $40 in it.

This picture honestly doesn't do it justice!  It came out way better than I thought!  I LOVE IT!  Hopefully in a few more years, Kinley will too!  HAHA!

All in all, despite all the yelling and bitching I think they really enjoyed their little kitchen project!  :)  Thanks mom and dad!  I love you!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pizza Cupcakes!

It's been awhile since I blogged.  Been really busy with Kinley's Birthday, now I'm working on Kaden's and in the middle of all that I decided to remodel my bathroom!   Yep, that's how I roll...on a whim!

Tonight I thought I'd make a new recipe that I found last night on Pinterest.  Speaking of pinterest, if you haven't discovered it, let me know and I'll send you an invite!  It's awesome and you can easily spend hours looking at stuff and getting ideas!  Anyways....back to pizza cupcakes.

I thought this would be something fun the kids and I could make together and it turns out they are really yummy too!  You can find it HERE

WW Points + = 3 pts per cupcake


Friday, September 9, 2011

T minus 7 days!!!

Finally, the end is near!  Kinley's party is in 7 days and I'm in full party mode!  Everything had to be packed in boxes last week due to an open house, so now it's time to dig everything out and get ready!  I'm so excited.  Have I mentioned I've been working on this party for ohhhhh about 6 months.  Yes, I know, I know, crazy right. This will be the last 1st Birthday I get to plan so I'm allowed to go a little crazy!

For those of you who are close to me, you know I'm a little....OCD!  I think I've reached a new level tonight!  Not only have I made my mother a list of things I need to borrow, I started drafting out where I wanted tables and how I wanted things placed on the tables, where I wanted balloons and how I wanted decorations hung.  Not only are they horrible sketches but then I had to color code them!  I know right, CRAZY!  But see there is a method to my madness.  I figure this way, I can still be a control freak but let people help me set up and not have to go behind them changing things. {my poor family!}  They will have their sketch and know what goes where.  I'm thinking it's a genius idea...I'll let you know how it works out next week!  haha  That is if they don't kill me!

I hope everyone has a great week and hopefully my next post will be lots of party pictures!!!